Power Transmission in our business includes all components that transmit power from a driver (electric motor, engine etc.) to where the magic happens (conveyors, fans, etc.).   This includes gearboxes (we cover these in our Gearbox Center category), couplings, belts & sheaves, chain & sprockets, drive tensioners and clutches & brakes.

When you walk in our door you can walk away with a complete drive because our inventory of these components is huge. We have over 5700 belts (1483 sizes), over 800 sheaves, over 4000 feet of roller chain, over 1200 sprockets (over 900 sizes) and over 800 coupling hubs and elements.

Belts & Sheaves

Chain & Sprockets


Belts:  Adjustable Link, Banded, Flat, HTD, Metric, Poly Chain, Poly-V, Round, Synchronous, Timing, Urethane, Variable Speed, V-Belts

Sheaves:  Companion, Finished Bore, Flat Belt, HTD, Idler, Round Belt, Synchronous, Taper Bushed, Variable Pitch, Timing, Poly Chain

Chain:  Attachment, British Standard, Conveyor, Engineered, Hollow Pin, Leaf, Lube-Free, Multiple Strand, Nickel Plated, Roller Chain, Silent, Stainless Steel, Tabletop

Sprockets:  A Plate, B & C Hub, Flame Cut, Hardened, Idler, Multiple Strand, Shear Pin, Silent, Split, Stainless Steel, Taper Bushed


Drive Tensioners

coupling (1)

Beam, Bellows, Chain, Curved Jaw, Disc, Doughnut, Elastomeric, Gear, Grid, Jaw, Motion Control, Overload, Rigid, Sleeve, Solid, Spacer, Spline, Tire, Torsional, U Joints


Flat Face, Flanged, Idlers, Motor Bases, Nylon, Positioners, Rings, Rubber, Spring Loaded, Systems, Timing, V-Groove


Gears & Rack


Bevel Gears, Change Gears, Gear Rack, Helical Gears, Internal Tooth Gears, Miter Gears, Pinion Gears,  Spur Gears, Worms & Worm Gears

Other Products


Air Brakes, Backstops, Bushings-Conveyor, Q/D, Split Bushings & Taperlock, Cam Clutches, Electric Clutches & Brakes, Overload Devices, Overrunning Clutches, Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes, Shear Pin Sprockets, Torque Limiters


Other Products

Other Products


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This place is great. They've got a lot more than just bearings, too. This is the place to go if you want good advice on installing a high-end, industrial-grade pneumatic set-up in your shop. And absolutely nothing but good things to say about their customer service, refund policy, etc. Highly recommended.

Colorado Wood and Metal

Top notch guys here. They're always helpful when I need an oddball seal or bearing, even if it's only a few dollars purchase. Thanks, Whisler!

David Stinson

Top Notch! I had a difficult project and the folks at Whisler Bearings in Denver were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely head there first again next time.

Peter Castro

This place gets beyond 5 stars in my book. I broke a brake line on my van as I was travelling through from Ohio. I called probably 25 different shops trying to find someone in this city that flares brake lines. I called these guys after being told they would be able to handle it so I took my new copper-nickel line in and they had it flared with new fittings in less than 30 minutes for a very affordable price tag. I’m spending the winter here and I intend on replacing the rest of my brake lines while I’m here so they will be getting more of my business this winter.

Andrew Stewart

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