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  • Lubrication is an essential part of the bearing and power transmission world. At Whisler Bearings & Drives, we stock a multitude of grease and oil products in cartridges, aerosol cans, quarts, gallons 5-gallon buckets, and 55-gallon drums.   This includes synthetics and food rated products. In addition, we carry a full inventory of grease guns, oilers, zerks, and other lubrication accessories.

    Other maintenance products we stock include threadlockers, retaining compounds, thread sealants, silicones, adhesives, gasketing materials, cleaners, and de-greasers.

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  • Greases

    Anti-Sieze, Dry Graphite, Electric Motor, Extreme Pressure, Food Grade, Light Duty, Lithium, Low Temperature, Gear Shield, High Temperature, Moly, Multi-Purpose, Open Gear, Silicone, Synthetic, White Lithium

  • Oils

    Air Compressor, Air Tool, Chain & Cable, Cutting, Food Grade, Gear, Hydraulic, Jack, Machine, Motor, Pentrating, Synthetic

  • Accessories

    Automatic Greasers, Fittings, Grease Guns, Hoses, Lube Lines, Oilers, Site Plugs, Zerks

  • Cleaners & Degreasers

    Contact Cleaners, Gasket Removers, Hand Cleaners, Natural Degreasers, Precision Cleaners, Scrubs

  • Adhesives & Threadlocker

    Adhesives, Epoxies, Floor Repair, Metal Rebuilding, Retaining Compounds, Threadlockers

  • Silicones & Sealants

    Coatings, Food Grade Silicone, Gasketing, Hydraulic, Silicone, Thread Sealants


    Aerokroil --- Alemite --- Chain Life --- CRC --- Fiske --- Gasoila --- JIT Silicones --- Loctite --- Lubriplate --- Lubesite --- Mystik --- Perma --- Permatex --- Pulsarlube --- Scrubs --- SKF --- Timken --- Vibratite --- WD-40