Drip. Drip. Drip. One of the most annoying sounds you can hear. Hopefully, the next sound you hear is not grinding gears, squealing bearings or the sound of someone slipping in a puddle of oil. In our business successful sealing means longer bearing, gearing and equipment life.

At Whisler Bearings & Drives we stock over 3000 sizes of oil seals in inch & metric sizes, various materials and lip configurations.   That’s over 7000 seals on our shelves ranging in size from ¼” to 10” shaft diameter.   In addition, we stock over 150 sizes of Speedi-Sleeves used for repairing grooved and leaking shaft surfaces.   Very rarely will you walk into Whisler Bearing needing a seal and end up empty-handed.

Radial Oil Seals

Speedi Sleeves


We have over 3200 Sizes of Radial Oil Seals in our stock.   These include single & double lip, nitrile rubber, viton & oil bath seals.  We also stock a full line of V-Rings.

We stock every size of Speedi-Sleeves that is manufactured…over 150 sizes ranging from ½” to 8” shaft diameter.  In addition, wear sleeves are also available.

O Rings

Pump Seals


We stock over 400 sizes of Nitrile (Buna) O Rings in our stock in addition to Cord Stock and O-Ring Splicing Kits.  Other materials available: Aflas, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone & Viton. Metric, Square Cut and Quad Rings also available.


We stock US Pump Seals in our Denver inventory.  We can also special order seals with other seal, ring and spring materials.




Currently stocking Graphite Packing and Packing Tools. Other materials available.


Other Products

Other Products


Aeroquip --- Anderson Brass --- Band-It --- Brakequip --- Coilhose --- Cox Reels --- CRP Industries --- Dixon --- Gates --- Goodyear --- Jason Industrial --- Jomar Valves --- Kuriyama --- Legend Valves --- Midland Metal --- Nycoil --- Parker --- Pneuforce --- Proco --- PT Coupling --- Reelcraft --- Stucchi --- Texcel --- Thermoid --- Twin City --- Ultra Clean --- Vacuforce --- VNE Corp --- Weatherhead


This place is great. They've got a lot more than just bearings, too. This is the place to go if you want good advice on installing a high-end, industrial-grade pneumatic set-up in your shop. And absolutely nothing but good things to say about their customer service, refund policy, etc. Highly recommended.

Colorado Wood and Metal

Top notch guys here. They're always helpful when I need an oddball seal or bearing, even if it's only a few dollars purchase. Thanks, Whisler!

David Stinson

Top Notch! I had a difficult project and the folks at Whisler Bearings in Denver were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely head there first again next time.

Peter Castro

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