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  • Don’t Just Lubricate…Lubriplate!

    It’s important that you pay attention to the grease you are using in an application. Grease is made of three main components: Oil, Thickener and Additives. Greases are manufactured using several viscosities of Oil [...]

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    Bearing Mounting Styles: A Comparison

    Which mounting style should I use to secure a mounted bearing to a shaft? Most of the time, this ends up being personal preference, but there are some considerations:Set Screw locking is the most popular locking system [...]

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    Welcome to our New Website - We're here to Help!

    Welcome to our new website, please have a look around and we'd be delighted to get your feedback.  One of the most important things to us is customer service and that includes having a user-friendly website you can use on [...]

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