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  • The Importance of Local Inventory

    Distributors, like my company Whisler Bearings & Drives, are an important part of the supply chain that gets products from the manufacturer to the end user.  Every manufacturer chooses distributors in a geographic area to represent them.  Historically, part of that agreement was to stock products at a local level.  But times have changed.  Over the past 20 years, manufacturers have dropped the stocking requirement.  Inventory costs money.  So, most distributors have dropped their local inventory down to minimal levels.  The larger distributors have gone to a regional warehouse concept that keeps their inventory 1-2 days away from the local markets. 

    So, how does this affect our customers?  Downtime costs money.  So does an inventory of back-up parts for your equipment.  So, over the years, the parts that are carried by our customers for back-up has diminished or in some cases, is non-existent. Now, when a machine breaks down, you need parts NOW.  With less local inventory…hello NEXT DAY AIR. 

    That is where we come in. 

    At Whisler Bearings & Drives, we still honor our roll in the supply chain and realize the importance of having local inventory.  So, we stock product from our manufacturers in Denver.  Lots of it!  As a matter of fact, our inventory keeps getting larger.  Our 16000 square foot warehouse is filled to the rafters with over 29000 SKU’s of bearings, seals, roller chain, sprockets, belts, sheaves, couplings, shafting, electric motors & gearboxes.  In our Hoseworks division, we assemble hoses while you wait drawing from the largest inventory of Gates hose and fittings in the region.  In addition, we’re stocking 1000’s of adapters, quick disconnects, gauges, ball valves & fittings.

    Our inventory is an investment we’ve made to take care of our customers.  We think we do a pretty good job of helping. 

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    You Need It.  We Have It.  Try Whisler.