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  • In an effort to get us to spend our hard earned cash, marketing geniuses have promoted Black Friday for raucous in-store shopping and Cyber Monday for dollar snatching on-line purchases every year. But stuck quietly in between them is Small Business Saturday.

    Every year when I hear Small Business Saturday, I’m reminded that I need to do a better job supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in my neighborhood and area. Then, every year, I do a not-so-great job of finding those businesses and supporting them.

    So, I decided that since I am a small business owner and entrepreneur myself, I would come up with a list of reasons. So, I did some research. Some were obvious and some were not. I’ve tried to apply them to my own business:

    Local Economy: This is the one we hear the most. Our taxes and wages stay here.

    Local Jobs: All of my employees are from the local area. No corporate people here.

    Local Decisions: Decisions are made on a local basis to best fit the local economy. This includes number of employees to service the business, hours, local inventory and prices. No one at a corporate office is calling the shots.

    Innovation: Small Businesses have to be innovative to stand out in the crowd. There are a multitude of things we do differently from our corporate competitors. Our gearbox assembly center is an example of something that no one else in the region does.

    Customer Service: Once again, Small Businesses have no choice but to offer exceptional Customer Service to rise above the competition. We strive to train our employees to go the extra mile. Our success and accolades from our customers confirm that though we sometimes stumble, we’re on the right track.

    Entrepreneurship: By supporting a local small business, you are actually supporting the dreams of an entrepreneur who has stuck out their neck to open a business. Thanks for your help.

    Shared Responsibility: The first thing I think of when I hear about the closing of the restaurant that I enjoyed the one time I visited a year ago, is “Why didn’t I go back?”. Now I regret it. We all have a shared responsibility to make Small Businesses successful. This is, of course, if they merit the respect.

    Feels Like Home: Whether it’s your local coffee shop, hardware store, dry cleaners or restaurant, it feels like home. You know the employees and feel comfortable there. We try very hard to create that feeling when you visit us. Complimentary candy, sodas and smiles.
    Enough of my rambling.

    You get the idea. I’m off for a cup of coffee at my local coffee shop!

    Rob Groll, Owner/Manager, Whisler Bearings & Drives-Denver, CO

    You Need It. We Have It. Try Whisler.