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  • We often get asked about changing the speed on a drive.  First, the Driver sprocket or sheave is the one on the source of the power (often an electric motor).  The Driven sprocket or sheave is on the opposite end of the drive. To change speeds, you can change either. 

    To slow down a drive, you can either make the Driven larger or the Driver smaller.  It is preferred to make the Driven larger as the horsepower rating on the drive is determined by the Driver sprocket or pulley.  So if you decide to make the Driver smaller, be sure to check the HP rating of the new drive. 

    To speed up a drive, you can either make the Driver larger or the Driven smaller.  Either is acceptable.   Since changes to your pulley sizes proportionately effect the speed, you can easily determine the needed sizes of the new pulleys.   If you want a 10% increase or decrease in speed, you need to change the appropriate pulley size by 10%.  

    If you have questions, please ask.  We also have a cheat sheet with guidelines for changing speeds that we can send you.

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