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  • High Temperature Bearings from AMI Bearings

    March 3, 2019 | Blog item
  • When your mounted bearing application requires bearings that will withstand temperatures over 200 degrees fahrenheit, turn to AMI High Temperature Bearings. While some manufacturers just add a high temperature grease to their high temp bearings and call it a day, AMI offers a bearing with a C4 (looser than normal) internal clearance for expansion, silicone rubber seals, and a zinc anodized slinger to protect the seals in addition to two selections of high temperature grease. Their C4HR5 Verision is good to 400 degrees F and their C4HR23 version is good to 450 degrees F. Check with your customer service person at Whisler Bearings Drives for details. You Need It. We Have It. Try Whisler.