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  • Bearing Mounting Styles: A Comparison

    November 22, 2018
  • Which mounting style should I use to secure a mounted bearing to a shaft? Most of the time, this ends up being personal preference, but there are some considerations:

  • Set Screw

    Set Screw locking is the most popular locking system in the US. It is good for reversing applications, do not require a separate collar and is easy to install. Just tighten two set screws on the inner race of the bearing and you’re done.

  • Using an Eccentric Collar to secure mounted bearings is a popular locking mechanism for bearings which rotate in one direction (non-reversing applications). This requires a separate eccentric collar which is put into place on the extended race on the collar. After placing the collar on the inner race of the bearing, rotate collar in direction of shaft rotation till in engages, tap with a punch or drift pin in the provided hole on the collar to set it place and tighten the set screw.

  • Accu-Loc

    Accu-Loc (AKA Squeeze Lock) is a locking system which uses a separate collar that tightens around a serrated inner race to provide 360 degree locking on the shaft. This method is excellent for high speed applications, reduces vibration and is easy to install. In addition, since there are no set screws to damage the shaft, this method is great for applications that require regular removal of bearings.